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hcfa ub92

UB92 Forms - 
         When and How to use them

     New important information on the UB92 - The UB 92 is being replaced by the UB04 and will not be accepted by insurance companies in early 2007.  Here is more information on the new rules regarding the UB04 Form. 

UB 92 forms are another medical insurance claim form used when you are submitting insurance claims for a facility such as a hospital or drug rehab facility. It is similar to the HCFA1500 but it contains different fields.

     If you're shopping for UB 92s, you'll find out that although they are not as readily available as HCFA 1500's are, you can find several places to purchase them by doing an internet search. UB 92's can also be filed electronically. You'll need to check with your clearing house to see if they can accept them.    

     Hopefully your medical billing software has the capability to build your own form. Typing these would be ridiculously time consuming! If your medical billing software does not come with the form preloaded, you will have to purchase a software program for UB92’s or create your own. We were fortunate in that Michele has a computer science degree and had no problem writing our program. Several software programs are available by doing a search on the internet.

     If you are not familiar with this forms and find yourself in a position where you need to be using them, you may want a book called the UB92 Editor. This book explains each field and designates which fields are mandatory by individual insurance companies and is extremely helpful in learning how to submit theses forms.

     Instead of using CPT codes to describe the services performed, you would use 'rev codes.' UB 92's are traditionally used mostly for hospital billing. But outpatient clinics may also be required to use them in billing. If a clinic is established as a facility, the reimbursement rates are different (usually higher) than if they were classified as a servicing provider. In order to be reimbursed at the higher facility rates, the billing must be submitted on a UB 92 form.

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