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UB04 Type of Bill

UB04 claim forms are used for billing insurance claims to insurance companies by facilities such as hospitals, clinics, drug and alcohol rehab facilities, and ambulatory surgery centers. These forms must be completed accurately and completely to insure correct payment. Because they are so much different than the more common CMS 1500 forms, many people are confused as to the different fields on the UB04 form.  Here's more information on the UB04 forms.

The UB04 type of bill box is a mandatory field on the UB04 claim form.  The type of bill field indicates three things
  • type of facility
  • bill classification
  • frequency of the bill

In order to determine the correct numbers to place in the type of bill box, you need to choose the corresponding numbers to your situation from a chart.

The type of bill is not the only box that medical billers question when completing the UB04 form.  There are also value fields, rev codes, and condition codes that raise many questions.

We have so many people ask us about completing the UB04 form that we wrote a book on how to complete the UB04 form correctly.  The book contains a chart so you can easily identify your correct type of bill with examples of common situations.  It also lists rev codes and how to use them along with condition codes and an explanation of when they are used.

How much is an unpaid claim worth? Make sure your claims are filled out properly. This inexpensive book can save you a lot of money when your claims are completed properly and not denied. UB04 forms are difficult to complete properly and it is not just the UB04 type of bill field that needs to be correct. Improve the income of your office by keeping this book handy as a daily reference.

We write in easy to understand terms, not technical mumbo jumbo.  If you need to submit UB04 claim forms, this is the answer you have been looking for.  Here is more information on our book on completing the UB04 form correctly. 

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