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A note from Phyllis Brill,
Brooklyn NY

"I found that the 2 day seminar spent with Solutions Medical Billing to be chock full of very practical important information that would not be available anywhere else. I have a much more positive outlook in starting my own medical billing business as a result. I am very grateful for their "hands on training". I would highly recommend them as an invaluable source in starting this kind of business."

A Note from Chris Robinson

In early March, I had the distinct opportunity to work with the team at Solutions Medical Billing. I did not have any prior experience with billing at all. I must say that this" hands on experience" is the "PRIMARY" reason for the opportunities I have!!!

In a months time - I have acquired several clients and there are a few more offices in the works for which I will be billing for as well. The time I spent with the team in Rome, NY was priceless. Their care and readiness to answer your questions provides a very nurturing and productive environment.

I would just like to take this time to say THANKS to the team in Rome, NY - Solutions Medical Billing.

E. Christopher Robinson
Assurance Medical Billing, LLC

A Note from Lon Brill,
Los Angeles

When first brainstorming about the business ideas for medical billing it is hard to know where things might go.  After training with Alice and Michele not only is this looking more clear, but, I now have some actionable items.  Thank you Alice & Michele!

Updated List of Topics Covered

This is a updated list of all topics we cover in our Two Day Training in a Box. As we come up with more topics, we add them to this list.

  • Why Medical Billing Business Fail and How to Avoid the Pitfalls 
  • Building a Website
  • How Credentialing Affects the Billing Process
  • Authorizations and Referrals
  • Determining How to Charge Your Providers
  • Billing Specialties
  • Determining Work Flow 
  • Types of Different Claims
  • Facility Billing
  • How to Keep Your Providers Happy
  • Legal Issues
  • Going From a One Man Band to Hiring Employees
  • Training Employees
  • Hiring Employees
  • Managing Empoyees
  • Firing Employees
  • Patient Billing
  • Offer Other Services
  • Systems
  • Billing Your Providers
  • Writing Your Contract
  • Determining Fee Schedules
  • Writing Out Billing Instructions
  • Claims Entry
  • Mailing System
  • Submitting Claims Electronically
  • Submitting Claims on Paper
  • Clearing House
  • Entering Payments
  • Denials and Appeals
  • Codes, Coding & Modifiers
  • Choosing a Practice Management System
  • What to Do When You Sign Up a Client
  • Marketing
  • E & O Insurance
  • Compliance Plan
  • Aging Reports

Let us help you get your medical billing service on the right track.  We can answer all your questions and help you shorten your learning curve in this difficult and ever changing business.  Use our 16 years of experience to your benefit.

You can call Alice or Michele at 1-800-490-4299 or email Alice at for more information.

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