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  Our job is to get you paid for all the patients you see.   Do you ever feel like you're not bringing in nearly enough money for the number of patients you are seeing?  We make sure you get paid for all your visits.

Our Medical Billing Services

       We provide medical billing, consulting and billing services to health care providers all over the United States. Solutions Medical Billing Inc., works with each provider to tailor our services to fill the needs of the individual office.  Our office is located in Rome, New York and we do not outsource any billing.  We submit all our claims and work all our follow up in our office.

       Who are we?  We are mother and daughter, Alice Scott and Michele Redmond, who started our medical billing business in 1994.  We now bill and consult for over 40 providers, credential doctors, maintain an informational website and a forum, offer support for our online medical billing courses and write medical billing books.  We also help train others who are starting their own medical billing services.  Six of us work out of our office and are currently accepting new clients.  We are not a huge company.  You will get personal attention.  Ask for Alice or Michele at 1-800-490-4299.

       We are looking for long term relationships with our providers and do not charge a set up fee to new clients.

Some of the services we offer:

- Submitting primary, secondary and tertiary commercial claims with required attachments

- Submitting Workers Compensation claims and No Fault claims weekly with required attachments

- Tracking and posting payments on insurance claims and patient payments

- Analyze explanation of benefits statements from insurance companies to verify accuracy of payments with immediate action on denials of claims

- Monthly follow up reports with calls to all insurance carriers for claim status on overdue claims

- Resubmitting any "not on file" claims at no extra charge

- Monthly Patient statements to patients with balances

- Monthly report of outstanding receivables, insurance payments, patient payments, etc

- Courier services to clients in the Rome, Utica area

- Customized forms and reports

- We attend insurance company seminars to stay up to date on policies and changes

- Consulting services - We help you to find practices that will make you more efficient and maximize your receivables.  We also consult for offices with individual insurance billing problems.

- Assistance with credentialing, tax id's, change of address, and NPI number applications

For more information on our services, call Alice or Michele at 1-800-490-4299.

Michele Redmond                 Alice Scott

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