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medical claims billing

Outsource to a Medical Billing Service

     When should you outsource to a medical billing service?  It can be a difficult decision to outsource your billing to a service.  It can feel like you are loosing control of your money, but actually a good medical billing service can maximize your earning potential and bring in additional income.   

     Many times in a medical office the person in charge of the billing doesn't know enough about medical billing or your specialty to bring in the maximum allowed.  It is also very common for the billing person to not find the time to chase down unpaid or rejected claims.  

     Maybe you are opening your first practice and want to know what the advantages are of outsourcing your billing. Some of the things you need to consider are:

  • How large is your practice going to be?

  • How many people will you be able to hire when you start up? 

  • What are the most important positions to fill first?

  • Do you have the investment capital to hire someone to do your medical billing in the office. If you don't have the money to hire the staff you would like at the beginning a service may be a good choice for you.

     If you're going to start out with just one person helping you with a variety of jobs, be aware of how much time is required to make sure all your money is coming in from the insurance companies and patients. Its not just a matter of sending out a bill. Aging reports must be run and telephone calls must be made to insurance companies.

Medical billing is a time consuming job. If your employee has to keep the office running smoothly as well, the billing job always seems to fall by the wayside and it is much too important a job to let that happen.

    If you're thinking of hiring a medical billing service, be sure to check into the service before signing.  If you prefer to do your billing in-house, and even if you have someone in mind for the job, be sure to read Hiring a Medical Biller.

     Some of the advantages of hiring a medical billing service when you first open your practice are:

  • You now have a professional hired to bring in the money for your services and you don't have to pay the service until you get paid.

  • A service will often help you get credentialed with the appropriate insurance companies in your area so you will be paid by them for your work. The credentialing can be an arduous task and they have experience with this.

  • The service can help you set up your pricing your services so you are in line with others in your specialty in your particular area.

  • They can get the rate allowances for many procedure codes. This is important information for you to get started.

  • A billing service is much more likely to bring in more money quicker than you can in a busy office. Even when the waiting room is full of patients and your staff is running around trying to keep up with everything, your service is still submitting your claims and calling to check on unpaid claims.
     If you choose a service that specializes in your field, they often have important knowledge about billing that particular specialty, such as modifiers, and coding and particular peculiarities about individual insurance companies that may be beneficial information to you.

     If you decide to outsource to a medical billing service, be sure to choose a service that fits your needs. A medical practice that is just starting out requires extra attention. You will need credentialing with insurance companies so that you participate with their plans and are eligible to be paid by them. And you will be looking for advice in many areas that a good billing service can help you.

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