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medical billing education


Medical Billing Education

"Where can I get a medical billing education" is a question we hear often.  Many people want to work from home and medical billing looks like a great opportunity.  Some are just looking for a growing industry where they can thrive.  In order to work successfully at medical billing, you need a solid knowledge of medical billing.  What are the best options for learning what you will actually require to succeed?  
Stay away from the expensive packages that want to sell you software, clearinghouse services and training.  These type of packages usually offer little in the way of actual training in medical billing.  And you will be much better off researching and choosing your own software and clearing house to get the options that work best for you.  

Local colleges offer courses on medical billing and coding, but if it is billing you are interested, you need to check on how much of the course is devoted to coding. Many courses focus on the coding and do not have much to offer on billing. In order to learn all you must to be successful at medical billing, it takes a comprehensive course in medical billing. The option that makes the best sense to us is to choose an online course. We find them to be focused, thorough, convenient, reasonable, and comprehensive.  Make sure you choose a course designed and taught by a medical biller.  It is important that they are current with what is going on today. We've seen people graduate from a medical billing class and still not have any concept of actually doing medical billing. 

We highly recommend our course - Medical Billing Study Course.
Yes, we designed and built it ourselves based on our experience and knowledge in over 20 years of experience in this field.
Many of the advantages of getting your medical billing education from this online course are that you can study at your own pace, don't have to leave your house, we offer telephone, online, and email support, training software is included and you can take your exams online.  If you want to make sure your money is well spent, make sure you choose a course that will teach you what you need. 
Many colleges offer classes, but you are much more restricted with your time.  Look into who is teaching the course and what their credentials are.  Many people "think" they know medical billing, but they are not practicing it and don't understand all that is currently happening in the field.  Change happens frequently in the field of medical billing and you will need to be up to date with what is actually happening in a billing office to be effective in a real office.

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