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medical billing book medical billing book medical billing book medical billing book medical billing book

medical billing book medical billing book mental health billing medical billing in a box

Our Medical Billing EBooks are endorsed by the PMBA

"As the president of the Professional Medical Billers Association, not only do I whole-heartedly recommend and stand behind Alice and Michele's books, we use the 'How to Complete a UB-04 form' e-book as the primary learning source for our 'Facility Billing 101' course! These books are authored by leaders and experts in the field and prove to be resources you will refer to time and time again!"
Michelle M. Rimmer

How To Complete A UB04 Form 
 Completely and Correctly - Line By Line, Box By Box

This book details line by line on the UB04 form exactly what information is required for a clinic or a small facility that must bill on UB04 forms.  We explain what each box means and how the information in the boxes is used to process the claims.  If a line or box is required, we clearly mark it required information and if it can be left blank, we tell you.  We explain exactly what the insurance company is looking for on each line and what information is appropriate for your clinic.  Here's more information on this book and how you can download your copy of How to Complete a UB04 Form Completely and Correctly - Line By Line, Box By Box". 

How To Complete A CMS 1500
Completely and Correctly - Line By Line, Box By Box

This medical billing ebook goes through all parts of a CMS 1500 form and we explain it in a way that the person doing the billing knows exactly which boxes need to be completed and what is expected in each box.  We explain what each box means and how the information in the boxes is used to process the claims.  We wrote the book in a way that the average person can understand, not in technical terms that confuse you.  Prevent future denials be learning what is required and where to put it on these new forms.  Here's more information on the book and a link to where you can download your copy of "How To Complete a CMS 1500 Completely and Correctly - Line By Line, Box By Box" .  For more information, a comparison of Medicare's instructions, and an excerpt from our book click here.

The Basics of Medical Billing

"The Basics of Medical Billing" is now available for those people working in medical offices or interested in medical billing who need an understanding of the medical billing process.  This book gives an overall look at how medical billing works.  Terminology is explained in easy to understand terms without the fluff.  If you need an understanding of how the process works, this book is for you.  This insurance billing primer should be read by the entire staff in the medical office to maximize the income and improve the efficiency in the office.  This medical billing ebook is a must read.  Here's more information on the book with a link where you can order your copy of "The Basics of Medical Billing" .   


       How to Start Your Own Successful Medical Billing Business

Have you always wanted to work from home?  Learn from someone who has done it and now runs a successful business.  This book will help you decide if medical billing is the right business for you.  Learn what it takes to start your own medical billing business.  This was the first of our medical billing ebooks and we've sold hundreds of copies with great feedback. 
Read more about what the book contains   and what others have said about it and find the link where you can get your immediate download.  

        12 Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Medical Billing Business

This book was written for those who have started their own medical billing business and need some ideas for getting new clients.  If you've got your business started, but lack enough clients to bring in enough money, you need this book.  We wrote this book in 2002 and revised it in 2007 to add yet another strategy to make it 13 marketing strategies.  For more information and a link to where you can download our book on Marketing Strategies click here.



Take Your Medical Billing Business To The Next Level 

Are you ready to expand your medical billing business?  Are you ready to take on more business or hire an employee?   Here are the secrets we've learned in the last 14 years from starting our own medical billing business to currently billing for over fifty providers.  Here is more information and a link to where you can download our book
Take Your Medical Billing Business To The Next Level.

Mental Health Billing Big Pack

Learn how to make sure your claims are paid properly and you are reimbursed completely for your mental health services.  We will walk you through the process in easy to understand language so you will totally understand the billing process.  Here is more information and a link to where you can immediately download "Mental Health Billing Big Pack ".

You too can sell our medical billing ebooks on your website.  Read more about earning a great commission by becoming an affiliate.

More medical billing ebooks coming soon. Medical billing ebooks in the works are Drug and Alcohol Rehab Billing, Vision Billing, Physical Therapy Billing, DMERC Billing, and more.

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