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Medical Billing Course

We are frequently asked about taking a medical billing course by people who want to learn medical billing or to start a medical billing business.  Where do I find a good one?  What do I look for?  How much will it cost?  Can I start a business without any medical billing training?

Well we decided to tackle those questions ourselves and have designed and built the best online course available! Too many courses are written by teachers who do not have actual experience in the field. While they may have good intentions, the information is not current and they do not understand the real issues that arise in the medical billing office. Many of the courses we have looked at have incorrect information and are written in complicated technical language that is difficult to understand.

More information here at A Step Above Medical Billing Study Course

We took our experience in training workers over the past 20 years. We developed our course around the everyday needs in a real working medical billing office.

Some of the advantages of our course are:
  • up to date
  • reasonable cost
  • no need to purchase expensive resource books
  • written by real medical billers
  • taught by teachers with experience in the field
  • designed for on the job work
  • no fluff or unnecessary information
  • continued resources after course completion
  • certificate of completion upon passing final exam

Many medical billing courses concentrate on medical coding, much of which is of no importance to a medical biller.  Our comprehensive course on coding is designed specifically for the medical biller and teaches the student exactly what coding knowledge is required for the job.  
    If you have purchased any of our books you know we write in easy to understand language.  This is important in undertaking the learning of a subject as involved as medical billing is.  In having trained many employees over the years we know what a medical biller needs to learn to handle everyday office challenges. 
      Michele and I started our medical billing business in 1994.  I had no experience in medical billing while Michele had seven years of paying medical insurance claims with a major insurance company.  I really struggled to learn what was necessary to learn.  Fortunately Michele's experience allowed us to start our business and learn as we went.  A good course in medical billing would have shortened our learning curve by a lot. 

      Here is a link to the course that will teach you what you need to know in this complicated field of medical billing A Step Above Medical Billing Course.

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