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Medical Billing Choices

     When it comes to medical billing choices, there are many and your decision can greatly affect the income of the office.  Each office has different circumstances and needs to take their own situation into consideration when looking at whether to bill inhouse or outsource the billing.  If you are considering hiring a medical billing service, be sure to give us a call at 1-800-490-4299 to see what we can do for your office.  Alice or Michele will be glad to help you.

      Some offices run very efficiently doing their own insurance and patient billing right from their offices. They have good systems in place and should be maximizing their receivables. They run monthly aging reports and follow-up on unpaid claims. They understand the authorization process and follow guidelines carefully.  

      Usually those offices have had one person doing the billing for a long time who knows what he or she is doing and has good systems in place.  When this person leaves, it can be a problem replacing this person with someone as capable of bringing in the same amount of income.  

      If your office is not bringing in as much money as it seems like you should, be sure to read about our six suggestions to stop loosing money.
      Some offices don't have a clue.  With no systems in place they may loose unbelievable money because they don't know any better.  And there is a whole range of situations in between. 

      Where do you fit in?  Probably your office is somewhere in between the two extremes.  Maybe you’re loosing your trusted billing person and have to find someone new.  Maybe the billing just seems to be getting out of hand in the office. Make sure you make good medical billing choices. 

      Insurance companies are often changing the rules and it is important to keep up and to understand them. Possibly you've been notified by an insurance company that you are now required to send your insurance claims electronically and you don't know where to start. 

      Maybe you are in a one man specialty field such as a psychiatrist and don't hire anyone. You may do the billing yourself.  Possisbly your office just can't seem to keep up with the follow-up and you've noticed a drop in your income. What should you do? 

      Maybe you’re just out of school and opening your practice and don't know how to get started.  We'll help you sort out the options

      You may wonder how you can pay a service to bill your insurance if not enough money is coming in now. If your office isn’t running efficiently with good systems in place, you aren't bringing in all the money you could. You may need to look at your medical billing choices.

     When you hire a service, you are hiring a professional who knows how to collect all the money that you are entitled to. If they have good systems in place and are thorough they will bring in more money than you were. They can advise you as to if you are charging enough or need to participate with a certain insurance company. 

     You will also notice that your expenses are cut when your billing service is paying for the HCFA forms, postage, envelopes, software support, and phone calls instead of you. A medical billing service may be your medical billing solution. 

     We’ve got the questions to ask in each situation to determine which route is best for you. If you need to  hire someone  for your office, we've got the questions you need to ask in an interview. If you are a new provider or are opening a practice for the first time, be sure to check out  outsourcing your medical billing . We'll help you find the right service for your needs when making your medical billing choices.  If you are interested in our services you can talk to Alice or Michele at 1-800-490-4299. 

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