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 Medical Billing Business

     When we started our medical billing business in 1994 from scratch we didn't know what we were doing but we were determined to learn.  If you are considering starting your medical billing service, we can help. We have been where you are now and we know what you need to succeed. When we started there were no books available on starting a medical billing service. We learned by trial and error but now bill for over 70 providers many locally and several from around the country. Maybe you're not sure what is involved in the business and if it is really right for you.  What does it really take to get your business started?  The ads make it sound like a piece of cake, but is it really as easy as they make is sound?  

     What would it take to get started in the business? You probably already have a computer and there are a ton of doctors in your area. Where do you learn how to do medical billing, how much other equipment will you need and how do you get a doctor signed up to let you do his medical billing?  

     And - can you actually do medical billing from home?  If you've been asking yourself these and more questions, you are like a lot of others.  We're here to help.  Who better to l earn from than a mother and daughter who started their business in 1994 and are now dedicated to helping others get started and move down the road of success with their own business.

     One thing you need is a solid knowledge of how to do medical billing.  If you don't have a billing background, the best way to get this is through a good medical billing course.  You can find a great course that will get you off to a good start at Medical Billing Course.  They have a great reputation and come highly recommended. They teach you what you need to know about medical billing - not a lot of fluff you don't need to know.

    We started out the same way you are - without a lot of money or information.  Michele had a background in medical billing from her years at the insurance company paying medical claims.  But it was difficult to get information on starting and running the business.  We didn't know what medical billing software to buy - we didn't know how to use the software after we bought it.  We desperately wanted to succeed at this business but there wasn't much information available to a beginning medical billing business to help them get started.  After several years we finally had it pretty much figured out but that was the hard way.  We have changed this.  We decided there was no reason for others to struggle like we did when we have the available information they need to succeed.  The last few years we have added to our available books to help both the beginner and the established medical biller with the challenges they will encounter in this business. 

     We decided to change that and now offer eleven books on medical billing for medical billing companies to help you through the difficult part of starting your business and a medical billing forum where you can go to get your questions answered.  Michele monitors the forum daily and helps everyone with their billing problems.  You can join our free forum here at the Medical Billing Live Forum

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Here's what others have said about our first book - "How to Start Your Own Successful Medical Billing Business".

I have received your book on how to start a medical billing business.  Thanks so much!  It is absolutely awesome. It really helped me out quiet a bit.  The book is exactly what a person needs to help them get acquainted with the beginnings of this type business.  I would be lost without your book.  I hope to be signing up a few providers by March.
Diana S

The book has some great tips for starting your business!
Stacy T

Great medical billing publication that contained valuable information.
Wendy B

Very informative...just what I thought it would be!! Thank you!!
John W.

Rhonda D

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