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medical billing books medical billing books
Our Medical Billing Books
medical billing books medical billing books

medical billing books medical billing books
medical billing books medical billing books
medical billing book medical billing contract
medical billing books

medicare enrollment

Medical Billing Books

Our books are now available in soft cover which we will ship to you, as well as our e-books which can be downloaded immediately to your computer.  These books are all authored by ourselves and are the result of 17 years of experience starting and operating our own medical billing business.  We add to these books regularly and revise them every few years.  You can click on the book you are interested in to learn more information about the book.

For information on discounts for multiple copies of our books for colleges or medical billing courses please call Pam at our office (315)207-4222 X 8.

In addition to our books on medical billing, we are now offering learning kits and offering individualized training in our office on starting, marketing and running a successful medical billing service.  

In these packages we; have gathered a combination of our best books for beginning medical billing services along with some previously unavailable special reports, a workbook, CMS 1500 forms, completed CMS form packages for specialties.  

If you have any questions regarding purchasing our book you may email us directly at          

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Medical Billing Books

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