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Billing Education

Do you want more clients
but don't know how to Market effectively?

Here's a plan for YOU!

No risk enrollment form

Who are we you ask?

Mother and daughter
Alice & Michele
We started our own medical billing service in 1994 from scratch - and it wasn't easy.  We learned by trial by fire.  You can learn from our mistakes. 

We can help you.

Don't know if it's right for you?  

We  make it simple.
The first month is free!

Take it for a test drive.  See if you think there is enough value for you to invest $79 per month.  If you don't think so, simply cancel - no questions asked.  But we believe you will get so much great information you can't afford to stop.  If you are serious about finding new clients and learning to to keep them, this program will be a Godsend. 

Marketing Your Medical Billing Business

  For some Marketing is the most dreaded job but it is the most necessary one to the success of your Medical Billing Business. Without clients - you have no business. Without enough clients - you can't be profitable.

So how do you get clients without spending a bankroll on Marketing methods that aren't cost effective?

Find out from the experts. Join our monthly interactive marketing networking program and receive all the assistance you need to market your business.  We've been helping medical billers get started in their own businesses since 1999 when we wrote our first book.  We are continually writing books in the field of medical billing to help billers become more successful.  The questions we get determine how we try to help others and the biggest challenge we find facing medical billing services is finding new clients successfully.  We've written two books on marketing but it isn't enough.   Our customers are asking for more - more help with marketing. 

Many have worked hard to get their businesses started and have a few providers signed up but not enough to make ends meet.  We want to help you overcome this challenge.  There are many medical providers out there who need your services.  We'll show you how to find them.  Or maybe they don't know how to convince the provider that they are the person to handle the provider's income. 

Michele and I struggled with how to best help and have come up with a program where we will help you come up with an individualized marketing plan based on your needs, personality, funds, and ability.  We'll help you set reasonable goals with specific steps to reach them and we'll expect you to work to that end.  We'll hold your feet to the fire and keep you accountable for meeting your goals.  
You will get a monthly newsletter with lots of ideas for marketing, tips on marketing, sales copy ideas, articles not only on marketing but to help you run your business more efficiently.  One idea of the hundreds we are offering could land you a great account.  We'll send you examples of sales copy we have used and CDs of interviews with others who have been marketing successfully. 

What you will get
  • Our special monthly marketing newsletter bursting at the seams with tips and out of the box marketing methods
  • Tips on interviewing with a provider - what to say and what not to say!
  • Tips on the newest Marketing techniques in the industry
  • Marketing Tools to use for your business
  • sales copy that gets attention
  • a marketing plan designed around your needs
  • interactive accountability system
  • examples of "lumpy" mail that people are compelled to open
  • CDs and DVDs on marketing and interviews with people successful with their marketing
  • And much more…. (We can't reveal everything!)

Complete this form and fax back to us to join our marketing program      

Marketing your medical billing business is the most difficult part of starting a medical billing service for most entrepreneurs. But without customers you don't have a business . The doctors or providers are your customers and you have to go out and find them. Rarely do they come looking for you - especially when you are first starting up.  There are many ways to market but the idea is to find the most cost effective way to get clients and to get them fast.

     You should always be looking for new business possibilities as there is always attrition in this field. Doctors move away or retire or go to work for a large group. There is no guarantee that your best client now will be here in a year. This business has a way of surprising you frequently and sometimes painfully. Finding new accounts is marketing which is a skill that must be learned and developed and constantly fine tuned.  For that you need to look for new and creative methods and the tools to do it.

    The most cost effective way to market will differ from one medical billing service to another. Because our personalities are different from each other we will each be drawn to different methods of marketing. A natural born salesperson is going to want to get right in the providers face and want to tell him or her all about their service. But a person with a shy nature is more likely to want to stay home and send out letters that get no response. 

    We need to each find effective methods of marketing that suit our nature and then we need to carry out those methods that work. Honing your marketing skills will move you to a profitable business much sooner. Each of us needs to learn methods of marketing that are exciting to us - not terrifying. No matter how bad a shy person wants success in their business they are not going to be comfortable walking up to a doctor they don't know and trying to sell themselves. More than likely they will freeze up and miss the opportunity.  This person might be much more effective with a different marketing strategy. 

    Up until now there has been very little help for medical billing services in finding clients.   Now you can benefit from our experience.   We know how difficult this process can be and we want to help to make it easier for you by offering personalized individual help.  We want to help you design your marketing plans and carry them out successfully.  With our help you will find the clients you need now.  We want to work directly with you to offer ideas for marketing you haven't thought of and we want to make you accountable for progress.  We will furnish you with information you need to know and the tools you need to bring in the new business you want.  

     We want to work with you personally to make sure you achieve your goals.  You will keep track of your marketing efforts and results and send them to us monthly.  We will personally review what you are doing and make suggestions for your next marketing efforts.  We want to keep you on track.  

And the BEST PART is that we will give you the first month absolutely free. After the first month continued membership in the program will cost $79 per month and be automatically billed to your credit card. You can cancel at any time by sending me an email or you can call our office to cancel at 315-207-4222 X 108. Remember with our "no risk guarantee" the first month is absolutely free of charge. To sign up for our exciting offer, complete this form and fax it to 315-865-6359.



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