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Medical Office Billing Software

is a very well rounded medical office billing software at a reasonable price.  We use it in our office and we love it.  The best part is that whenever we hire a new person they always say how easy the software is to learn. 

Lytec can be purchased for either a single user, 3 person multi-user, 5 person multi-user, 10 person multi-user, and on. We have found it to be very user friendly and training is usually not too difficult. With 7 employees now, and several in the past who have filled in for us, learning the software never seemed to be a problem.

The aging report capabilities are very good. You can run them based on 30 60 90 or 120 days old, and you can specify what date you want the aging to start. Also, you can include or exclude many charges based on information such as patient chart #, insurance company, provider, etc.

There are many other reports available also. You can do a monthly analysis, a yearly analysis, insurance payment analysis, etc. The transaction journal report is another very helpful tool. There is also a way to audit your employees if you find the need to through the audit trail function.

Lytec comes with the ability to create and design your own reports. This is where I was able to create a report to fill out the preprinted forms that were required by Medicaid.

This feature has come in extremely handy over the past few years. It makes it possible to change the layout of the pre-loaded forms that come with the program to meet your specific offices needs. For example, the patient statement that came with the software does not have a billing phone number for patients to call if they have a question about their bill. It was easy to add this to our patient statements thru the create/edit report feature.

Lytec is updated and improved every year and offers some great options for use in doctors' offices as well as for billing services.

Overall, we find it to be a well rounded program for our needs.

Don't forget ... You get what you pay for! ...

Support can be very important whenever you need to work with a new software program. We've found a great place to purchase Lytec. The people we work with are super. For more information on a reseller who furnishes excellent support - click here.

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