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      Important new information on HCFA 1500 claim forms - The 1500 forms have been replaced.  Insurance companies will no longer accept claims submitted on the old forms beginning early in 2007.  For more information on the new forms and changes click here.  

     Health Insurance Claim Forms (HCFA) also known as CMS 1500 forms, are used in the medical profession to submit medical insurance claims for services rendered by the doctors to the insurance companies for payment.  As of April 2, 2007 old forms will no longer be accepted for payment by insurance companies.  They have been replaced by the newer version CMS 1500.

     Both these forms are printed red on white paper and contain the necessary fields to enter the information required by the insurance company for payment to be approved and sent to the doctor.

     The new forms were designed to allow for the implementation of the NPI number. They have split fields and have shaded areas to accommodate the new NPI numbers. 

     They are available in either continuous form feed, single or double, and laser. Many companies also offer window envelopes so you can fold the forms to fit in the window, eliminating the need for labels.

     It is very important that the forms are filled out correctly and completely to get reimbursement from the insurance companies. Claims with errors are denied by insurance companies. See below for detailed instructions on completing the form. 

     Especially tricky will be the implementation of the NPI numbers in offices that are required to have multiple NPI numbers.  If your office bills under a seperate tax id# other than the doctor's social security number, you may need a type 2 NPI number which is entered in a different place than the individual's NPI number.

     1500's are available in bulk from many companies who advertise on the internet. If you're shopping for claim forms it's a good idea to compare price and shipping costs.

   For more information on HCFA1500's and other insurance forms.

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