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CMS 1500 Instructions

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"How To Complete
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Correctly - Line By Line, Box By Box".

Fill and Print Software

UB-04 and CMS 1500 forms can be completed and then sent electronically or printed with inexpensive software (or form filler) called "Fill and Print" software.  We recommend Speedy Soft's Speedy Claim for the office that doesn't have a practice management system but needs to fill out CMS 1500 forms. 

An  office that is still filling out CMS forms by hand may find this form filling software a good solution.  It coul d save a good deal of time over handwriting the claims and have a much greater chance of being accurate and paid correctly.  Insurance companies have become very reluctant to accept hand written claims.  Many are demanding they are printed and denying the hand written submissions.

To use the software, the information is typed on the CMS 1500 form on the computer screen just as if you were typing it directly onto the form.   You can very simply type the info into the correct boxes just as you would if it were in a typewriter or you were writing it in with a pen and the software fills the forms.  The software even sends the claims electronically or prints them to paper. 

You can store the physician information and it prints on the claims.  It also contains a patient library storing all the patients' information.  This is a particularly nice feature for specialties where patients return often and are billed on a regular basis.

The Speedy Claim fill and print software unlike most other fill and print software is also capable of storing diagnosis, insurance companies, rendering and referring doctors ICD9 codes, CPT codes and much more. It also has export capabilities to a spread sheet. Their new model even stores the claims so you can track them. 

They also offer an ICD9 Loader with the software which loads all the ICD9 codes into the software with long descriptions so you can look up the ICD9 codes while you are entering your claim information.

With a few simple clicks, you then print the claim or send it electronically depending on your situation.  The cost is only $249.95.  They offer lifetime free support and free updates and are totally NPI compliant.  Speedysoft also offers the software on a memory stick you plug in your USB port so you can bring it home with you and your claims information stored on it.

They also offer a version for multiple providers that could be used by a billing service or an office with more than one doctor.  This would be an inexpensive way to start a medical billing service. 

If you have an medical office with no practice management system, this is a great way to still be able to print and send your own claims inexpensively.  It is a great time saver and doesn't cost the thousands of dollars a practice management system will cost you.

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