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Need to bill a rehab claim on
a UB04 claim form to get your
insurance company to pay?

We can help you!

We bill UB04 claim forms for
drug and alcohol rehab
for you.
Don't lose thousands of dollars to
your insurance company!!

Call 1-800-490-4299

Drug Rehab -Insurance Billing

Many loved ones of patients who must go into a drug or alcohol rehab facility have difficulty getting the insurance to pay for the services rendered at the rehabilitation center.  If the rehab facility does not participate with the insurance plan of the patient, it is the responsibility of the patient to get claim filed.  Unfortunately many times the claim must be filed on a UB04 claim form and no one knows how to complete these claims.  Often the facility doesn't accept  insurance so they do not file UB04 forms. 

Insurance companies require the claim be filed on a UB04 claim form to correctly identify the procedures and diagnosis of the patient to initiate payment.  The patient or family member trying to get this claim paid gets caught in a Catch 22.  The insurance company is willing to pay, but they have no way of submitting the claim in the correct format that will generate the payment. 

Even people who are familiar with medical billing are not usually familiar with the UB04 claim form.  Most medical claims are filed on CMS 1500 forms and UB04s are entirely different.  They require different fields such as rev codes, value codes and type of bill that are not required on a CMS form. 

That's where we come in.  We file UB04 claims for drug and alcohol facilities and know how to get these claims paid.  We can file your claim for you correctly on a UB04 claim form. 

Here is how to get your insurance company to pay your claim when the rehab facility is out of network or does not participate with your insurance carrier.

  • Call your insurance company and ask for benefit information.  Explain to the customer service person that you are calling on behalf of the patient who was admitted for drug and alcohol rehab.  Ask for out of network benefits for drug rehab.  They will explain to  you if they cover this service when it is performed by a facility that does not participate.  In many cases out of network benefits are available but may have a deductible involved.
  • Ask how the claim must be filed - on what claim form?
  • Find the list of information you will require to file the claim.
  • Gather the required information and start the claim process.  The cost of completing your insurance claim is $250. 
  • Once payment has been made you will be directed to an easy wizard where you will enter the necessary information.
  • We receive the information and complete the UB04 form in the correct format and submit it electronically when possible to the insurance carrier.
  • We will notify you that the claim has been submitted.  Most insurance companies pay claims within 30 days.  Some may take as long as three months.  You may call your insurance company and check on the claim status.  We cannot guanantee that the insurance company will pay.  You need to do your homework up front and check your benefits.  We will file the claim correctly. If a resubmission is necessary we will file the necessary resubmission free of charge. 

Call us for more information at 1-800-490-4299.

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