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CMS 1500 Instructions

                        CMS 1500 instructions for completing correctly the new CMS forms.

Now available "How To Complete a CMS 1500 (HCFA 1500) Completely and Correctly - Line By Line, Box By Box" ebook.  We've just completed our new ebook on exactly how to fill out a CMS 1500 form correctly to avoid denials from insurance companies for incomplete or incorrect information.  It is available in pdf format for $47.00.  You can read a description of what the book covers and an excerpt from the ebook here.

It is important to complete a CMS 1500 or HCFA 1500 form correctly to expect to get paid by the insurance carriers for services performed by medical providers.  Errors on the form can cause insurance companies to deny the claims.  Not only does the doctor not get paid for his or her services, but sometimes the patient is incorrectly billed for a service the insurance company should have paid.  The patient may take their frustrations out on the office staff or change doctors.  

You need to know all the fields on the CMS 1500 form and what information goes in each field.  The information must be complete, correct, and in the format that the insurance companies require.  CPT codes and ICD9 codes are used to convey the disease, injury, and diagnosis so it is important to be familiar with these codes. 

When considering CMS 1500 instructions, it is also necessary to look at regulations of individual insurance companies.  Some insurance companies require modifiers for particular procedures.  Some insurance companies will deny the same claim because it has that modifier. 
CMS 1500 forms can be filled out on a computer through a practice management software, typewritten, or even handwritten although many insurance companies will deny handwritten claims.  CMS 1500 forms can even be sent electronically without being printed at all.  Whether they are printed, typed, handwritten or sent electronically, each box and line must be entered with the information the insurance company requires. 

Each medical specialty such as cardiology, vision, pediatrics and radiology will also have it's differences in completing the forms.  It is important for the person completing the forms to know the necessary information in their field to file the forms correctly so they will be paid.

We have completed our ebook of CMS 1500 instructions with exact box by box, line by line directions on completing a CMS 1500 form. Here's where you can
read an excerpt from the ebook and order a copy  for $47.00.  This informative ebook explains exactly how to complete the new CMS form correctly for all insurance companies so your claims will not be denied for lack of information.  You can save the cost of this book with your first claim submissions.  These are the ultimate CMS 1500 instructions. 

We will also offer ebooks on medical insurance billing specialties.  If you would like to request an ebook in your particular field,
contact us and we'll let you know when it will be available. 

Our free ebook on questions to all the NPI numbers is now complete and can be downloaded with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download
" NPI Number – Everything You Need to know About NPI Numbers" here.  If you need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can get it here. 

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CMS 1500 Instructions.

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