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Chiropractic Billing

Chiropractic billing is different in many respects than much other medical insurance billing. The chiropractor has an established client base that is returning for treatment on a regular basis.  From strictly a billing standpoint this means many things. 

Specialties such as chiropractic with returning patients are not entering as many new patients into their computer software as say an eye doctor.  The codes a chiropractor are using for billing are not as involved as say a family doctor.  Here's more information on chiropractic CPT codes.

The beginning chiropractic provider will have to make many decisions in starting their business as to whether or not they will accept insurance, participate with the insurance companies or to become a strictly cash practice. Most would like to work for cash only, but the reality is that those patients who are covered by insurance prefer to go to a provider who does participate and will bill their insurance out.   Here is more information on participating with insurance carriers and how it affects your chiropractic billing.

If the chiropractic provider decides to participate with the insurance companies common to their area, they must now become credentialed with that carrier.   Here is more information of credentialing.

Chiropractic insurance billing is done on red and white CMS 1500 forms.  These forms must be completed in black ink as many insurance companies scan the forms.  Some companies require that the claim forms are typed or generated from a computer if not sent electronically.  Here is more information on completing these forms correctly.   If the forms are not completed correctly, they most likely will be denied payment. 

When you run into questions on your chiropractic billing, you can often find the answers you need at a medical billing forum. If someone hasn't already asked your question, you can post it yourself and get notified when anyone posts answers to your questions.  You can sign up to access our medical billing forum here.

Quite often as the practice grows, the provider finds that the income is not keeping up with the growth of the business.   He or she is seeing more and more patients and not bringing in as much income as should be coming in for the number of patients seen.

The problem with this is that as the practice grows, it becomes more difficult to keep up with all the required tasks of authorizations, referrals and insurance billing.  It takes time to check to make sure he or she is getting paid for all the visits and to deal with the problems that arise with insurance billing.   It is not unusual to be on the telephone for 40 minutes or longer trying to straighten out an insurance issue when you are doing insurance billing. 

If you want to make sure you are getting paid for all your visits, you must have good systems in place. You need a system for billing out all your insurance and patient bills, a system for tracking them, and the time to take care of all this.   If you no longer have that time to devote to the insurance billing, you need to hire someone who will take care of this process for you. For more information on setting up good systems that work, check out our new book “Chiropractic Billing Made Easy”.

We bill for many chiropractors in several states. If you are interested in contacting us about submitting and tracking your insurance claims call Alice or Michele at 1-800-490-4299

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