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God Bless You for the services you give us. The books, the blog, the newsletter; I picked the best time to go into this business for myself and now I can benefit from your wisdom and experience. Thank You! Tamera in Columbia, Ca

Great job - loved it!  Some of the stories and antidotes really hit home - like when we started out - being to cheap and attracting cheap providers and not having the confidence to charge our worth. 

Gina & Conrad Wysor

"I have known Alice and Michele for long time and have read many of their books. Their constant knowledge and commitment to our industry has always been astounding! I particularly love their book "Write a Kick Butt Contract for your Medical Billing Business" It is jam packed with some really great information for both experienced and new startup companies. I can't say enough great things about them. Honesty and Integrity come to mind when I think of them." Linda Walker, Owner of PMRNC - Practice Mangers Resource & Networking Community

Solutions Medical Billing Inc

    Solutions Medical Billing Inc. is a family owned full service medical billing and consulting service. Mother and daughter Alice Scott and Michele Redmond started the business in 1994. Through the years they found many others coming to them for help in starting their own medical billing businesses. Michele and Alice still come to work every day and besides handling the billing needs of over 40 providers, we write books and online medical billing courses to help others in this field. In addition to our books and online courses, we offer a free monthly newsletter and a free, very active medical billing forum.
online medical billing course
A Step Above Medical Billing Study Course

We are located in Rome N Y and can be reached at 315-207-4222

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I just want you guys to know that you are a lifesaver for us!  I am the owner and Chief Operations Officer of several Community Mental Health Centers with PHP programs.  My husband and I are currently opening 2 new Psychiatric Hospitals. 

I graduated from the class with a coding certificate and absolutely no clue how to bill.  Again, aggravating as I am actually an accountant. 

As we have been in this business for 15 years, I know all of the terminology to use, but have no idea how a lot of it directly applies. Just when I was about to give up, I found your website.  Needless to say, I immediately bought the ebooks.  After reading the first chapter of The Basics of Medical Billing, I almost jumped for joy.  I took the copy to my Administrative Manager and she began to cheer.  Finally, something we can sink our teeth into and actually learn something from!! 

I can assure you that all 200 of my employees will benefit from my new-found knowledge of billing as I will better manage our billing department and indirectly, the rest of our companies.  In fact, I may just do the billing myself!  lol

Read some of the articles we write in our newsletters here.

You won't believe all the information available at Our Free Medical Billing Forum

Visit Our Blog for the latest up to date news on Medical Billing  

I just finished your newest book titled “Pricing Your Medical Billing Service”.

Your book is very timely with all the debate about the best (or legal) way to charge for your medical billing services.  Despite owning a medical billing business for over 18 years, I still wrestle with charging our doctors on a percentage basis (which is how most of our accounts are set up) VS a fixed monthly fee.  You

make a compelling case for choosing the latter.   Pricing Your Medical

Billing Service is a great resource for a new billing service or anyone who is struggling between the different billing options.
David Keenan

Hello- A few months ago I bought your "from home" medical billing course. I'm in the middle of my 2nd read thru, and can honestly describe your course in one word: Fantastic! I've been billing for awhile now in the Chiropractic field, and was amazed at how much I didn't know about this business. I appreciate your nuts and bolts, writing style. It's so refreshing to find some good quality information in this field with so many Internet scams out there. You ladies are saints in my eyes! Many Thanks - Bill

Thank you so much, I love this book, so easy to read and understand, I will purchase more... thanks again, Jan Wilson

The book series has been very valuable. I especially found value in the information on developing a contract and pricing strategies. Thank you so much for offering this information!!!

Hello Alice,
I just wanted to send you a quick note. Thank you.
1. for writing these books.
2. your company's professionalism.
Your website is great, easy to use and very prompt. I truly appreciate the personal email follow up, what a great first impression I have. I have 17 years experience in medical billing, from collector to managing billing departments. Our billing was directly from a providers office, not third party. This is why I purchased your books. I do not quite understand he Business end. Never dealt with contracts with a billing company, or marketing. After 1 book, I already feel I have the right tools to help me succeed. I am positive I will return for some of the specialty billing books and courses.
Thanks again for the information you have provided me. I know I will be as successful on the business side, as I have always been- on the billing side.

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